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Best sleeping position in pregnancy

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Good sleeping position in pregnancy? During pregnancy, you may find yourself wrestling in bed to get comfortable while sleeping. There are several reasons for this discomfort including the growing size of your bump, heartburn, back pain and insomnia. Here are some sleeping positions in pregnancy that may help relieve this discomfort and help you get your much-needed rest.

Can you sleep on your back?

Sleeping on your back especially during your second and third trimester can cause backache, shortness of breath, disruption to your digestive system and decrease circulation.

Researches show that in 3rd trimester (27 to 40 weeks) sleeping on the back can increase the chances of stillbirth. Therefore we are advising you to go sleep on the side(SOS) in 3rd trimester. If you wake up on your back don’t panic it’s normal you should again go for side sleep. During sleep, we can’t control our position so don’t worry about it. You can use a pillow for settling your positions at night.

When you are 20 weeks pregnant and your bump starts growing and start pushing other organs, then sleeping on the back is not good as it can press a very important vein called the inferior vena cava, this brings deoxygenated blood to your heart so if you’re compressing it then you can understand, how it affects your health or your baby.

Is sleeping on your stomach harmful during pregnancy?

During First trimester (1 to 12 weeks) it is okay to sleep on your stomach. In the second trimester (13 to 26 weeks) you start having bump which makes you uncomfortable while sleeping on the stomach and in the third trimester when it grows, even more, it becomes extremely difficult to sleep on stomach.

Sleeping on the stomach can also increase the neck and back pain that is why doctors don’t recommend this sleeping position. If you find yourself sleeping on the stomach in the middle of your sleep. Don’t panic just get back to the normal sleeping position as we can’t control the movement of our body while sleeping. To control your sleeping movements we can suggest you use the sleeping pillow.

Best sleeping position in pregnancy

The best sleeping position is to sleep on your side, as it takes the strain off from your back during pregnancy. Specialists may encourage pregnant ladies to move to their side, explicitly their left sides, to take into account the advancement of blood and supplements to both mother and child.

Sleeping on the left side of your body, is a good sleeping position in pregnancy as it  helps in circulating more amount of blood towards uterus, kidney and of course to your baby.

This takes the weight off your vena cava which is a major artery in the body. Keep your legs and knees bent and prop a pillow between your legs too. If you have back pain sleep on your side and prop a pillow under your bump too. If you suffer from heartburn, prop the upper body up with pillows. When you reach 20-week mark use bed pillow, a body pillow or pregnancy pillow (recommended) to stay in position comfortably.

These positions may not sound comfortable especially if you are used to sleeping on your back but try them out.

How to use pregnancy pillow

1. U shaped pillow

u shaped pillow

If you are in 1st or 2nd trimester you can comfortably sleep on your back using this pillow and from 3rd semester when you are strictly sleeping on your side you can also use this pillow for support and you can also use the top of the pillow as a head ad neck support pillow for support.

2. C- shaped pillow

c shaped pillow

It has a curved top for neck and head, extra middle space to support your back or belly and at the end extra curvey so that it can support your hips pressure or lower back pain. It does take less space than a U shaped pillow.

3. Hip pain reducer pillow

This pillow is comfortable and can be used by those who are not pregnant. C- shaped design supports all sleepers especially those in their second or third trimesters. Keep your whole body comfortable. You can use it in a bunch of ways.

4. Travel pillow

travel pillow

You can use this pillow when you are travelling. Compact design that is easy to pack. It can be used for belly support or behind the back to prevent rolling over. One side is the foam is more firmly supportive and other is softer, hence gives you options. It’s great for lower support when you are seated in an upright position and great for when sleeping too.

5. Side sleeper pregnacy pillow

Great for the first trimester moms training themselves to sleep on their sides. Supports both back and front. The stretchy middle panel that will accommodate sleepers as they grow. It is the best pillow under your budget. This pillow is soft. This has a small design hence take a small spot on the bed.

6. Full lenght pregnancy pillow

full length pillow

This pillow is very comfortable and curved around your body. It keeps your hips elevated that helps your body to take off extra tension in places that it is not used to having. Most of all if you wrap it around your back then it helps you in staying the same position during sleep and you are not gonna slip anywhere.


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