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13 Scientifically proven health benefits of olive oil


Olive oil health benefits– Have you ever heard of the Mediterranean diet? This diet became popular after an American researcher studied the eating habits of several countries and realized that people living in the Mediterranean area were less likely to develop cardiovascular disease, even though their diet is high in fats.

 In this diet, olive oil is one of the most important elements, not only for its culinary uses but also because of its medicinal properties. Olive oil is one of the best oil in the world which has numerous health benefits. It takes thousands of olive to make one litre of quality olive oil. Hundreds of variety of olives are available. Olives are known as jaitun. 

Here are some of the olive oil benefits for health, which are even greater when consumed in the morning on an empty stomach:

Helps you absorb nutrients better

Besides being rich in vitamins A, D, E and K and antioxidants, olive oil favours the absorption of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc. The olive oil is one of the best sources of monounsaturated fats and has the uses of being less susceptible to oxidation.

Aids in weight loss

Practitioners of the Mediterranean diet usually drink 1/4 of the glass of olive oil in the morning to lose weight. This is because the oil keeps you satiated for longer, making you eat less.

Protect your heart

Olive oil contains polyphenols that protect your heart by reducing the action of free radicals. Preventing fat plaques from attaching to the arteries.

Anti-inflammatory effect

This ingredient is rich in monounsaturated fats, and is very beneficial for your body, especially for your circulatory system. Also, it helps balance cholesterol, triglyceride levels and blood pressure, which other oils and ghee can’t do. To enjoy the cholesterol-lowering effects of olive oil, it is better to use this oil for cooking instead of saturated fat.

Improves your skin

Consuming olive oil gives you nutrients with known anti-ageing effects. It can also contribute to the prevention of melanoma, one of the worst types of skin cancer.

Reduces blood sugar levels

The extra virgin olive oil is more beneficial in the treatment of diabetes. It can even help to prevent the onset of the disease. It can also help to improve the level of blood sugar control and enhance insulin sensitivity. To manage your blood sugar level and reduce of it, your risk of type 2 diabetes, include about 2 tablespoons of olive oil in your everyday diet. The study also shows olive oil helps your body that to maintain more stable blood sugar levels after meals compared to other vegetable oils. 

Improves digestion

Olive oil can reduce the secretion of gastric acids, thus protecting the stomach, in addition to helping the gallbladder produce more bile, breaking down the fats so that they can be absorbed more easily.

Protects the intestines

It protects the intestine from any damage that may come to their cells, which could lead to cancer. In addition to improving intestinal transit, it helps relieve constipation.


Olive oil with lemon is great for your liver, the organ who’s the main job is detoxifying our bodies.

Good for your brain

Olive oil is great for your brain mainly because it’s rich in monounsaturated fats which play an important role in the formation of brain tissues and help improve cognition and memory.

Protects your bones

People who follow a Mediterranean diet which is rich in olives and olive oil have a higher level of osteocalcin present in their blood. High osteocalcin means better bone density and overall bone health. In many cases, the regular intake of olive oil has been associated with the better blood levels of calcium present in your body. You can use this oil as a body massage oil to protect your bones from this disease.

Reduces high blood pressure

According to a many of the study published in the Archives of the internal medicine, people on the high blood pressure as a medicinal may be able to reduce the number of other medications they take this by substituting the extra virgin olive oil for the presence of the other type of fats in their diet. Many of the researchers believe that the oleic acid present in olive oil is can be easily absorbed in the body, and thereby lower the blood pressure. This oil is also slowing down the ageing of the heart due to its presence of the healthy monounsaturated fats. To regulate the high blood pressure and enjoy the young and the healthy heart, mostly use the extra virgin olive oil for cooking and for making the healthy salad dressings or for the dips.

Prevent Cancer

Olive oil can even help to lower the risk of cancer. The polyphenols in olive oil act like both as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. This, in turn, protects your cells from the oxidative stress and the chronic unwanted inflammation and also reduces the risk of causing certain cancers. Moreover, the present of antioxidants in olive oil also protects deoxyribonucleic acids from the oxidative damage. This means the better cell functioning of your body reduces the risk of development of cancer.

If you’re thinking of adding olive oil to your diet, try choosing a name brand olive oil. Also, keeping it at room temperature. It is recommended that you dilute a tablespoon of olive oil in a glass of water and add the juice from half a lemon and drink it in the morning on an empty stomach.

People use olive oil in cooking, baking, topping, cosmetics, medicine, soaps, and as a fuel for traditional lamps. Store olive oil in a cold and dark place. Light and heat are the enemies of olive oil. Always cook olive oil up to about 400°F max.


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