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Is Pilates For Men? Pilates workout for Men


Is Pilates works well for Men?

You might be little surprised to learn that Pilates was actually developed by a man for men. Pilates is a good form of exercise that was started by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s.

The exercise works on core strength which is your abdominals and your back and on flexibility. While women tend to dominate mat classes, Pilates holds lots of benefits for men as well.

Many people think that Pilates is just for dancers. In New York city it started with a lot of dancers taking it because it helped them in their performances. It helped them be better at whatever they were doing.
Yet, presently, as time has come, more individuals in regular life have started to take Pilates because they can sense how it changes their body.

Pilates is one of the trending fitness activity in the world and Men should take advantage of Pilates numerous benefits.pilates workout

Benefits of Pilates for men

1) Build core strength

The core muscles of the body include your back muscles, abdomen, and pelvic floor.
When our core is strong, the frame of our body is supported. This promotes flat abs, good posture, and an efficient movement patterns.

2) Improves your sex life

Pilates provides strength to the pelvic floor and to the core as a result men have a greater control of this region of the body. That results in making the intimate experience more enjoyable for both the parties.

3) Increases your flexibility

Stretch out tight muscles and improve the movement in your joints. From putting on your socks in the morning to getting out of your chair at lunch time, improved flexibility makes every movement in your day to day life feel more comfortable.

“ True flexibility can be achieved only when all muscles are uniformly developed.”

 Joseph Pilates

4) Gives you the strength without the bulky muscles

You are more likely to associate Pilates with a long, lean and toned body, as you don’t see bulky muscles as its result. This is because of this exercise that stretches and elongates your muscles, which plays an important  role in toning your body.

5) Improves your posture

If you haven’t been giving your posture enough attention because you sit at a work throughout the day, drive in a car for a long time, or just don’t know how, Pilates will mother your posture into an alignment.

Pilates improves your poor posture by strengthening the undeveloped muscles that lift you up.

Types of Pilates classes men can go for : Mat classes and Reformer Classes

Pilates can be done on equipment which is a special apparatus that Joseph Pilates invented himself. And it can also be done just with the mat just like you would go into say a yoga class and you put the mat down on the floor and start working with your body weight.

So you could either do Pilates on the apparatus which works with springs, tension and resistance, or you can work on the mat with just your body weight.

 Also, people sometimes ask, what’s the difference and which one is better. It’s kind of person by person basis. Some people like mat works better, some like working on the apparatus better and the difference is just the spring tension. 

Mat Pilates is actually the most challenging  for many people because you have to have the correct form and you’re using your body weight.

On the equipment, you’re placed in proper alignment while on the mat, you’re responsible for your posture and positions you’re placing your body in, so it’s very challenging.




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