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Tampons – How to use tampons | STEP BY STEP guidance|2020

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If you are using tampons for a while you need to know some of the important facts about tampons.

If you never used it then you will be going to know amazing facts and also learn how to use a tampon.

Basically, a tampon is a feminine hygiene product. It is designed to absorb the menstrual flow during menstruation. Tampons are inserted in the vagina and help in absorbing the period flow.

Tampons are made up of cotton. They are cylindrical in shape and come in different sizes (according to their absorbing capacities).

Unlike pads, tampons are inserted in the vaginal opening and more hygienic than a regular pad.

Tampons are little plugs made of cotton, which fits into the vagina and helps in soaking of menstrual fluid.

Tampons how to use?

There is always a question … How tampons are used… Here is a few steps guidance

Step 1

You can buy tampons at the grocery store or at a medical store. You can also shop online. If you are a new user then, always take the tampon with the applicator, and always check the absorbency. If you are using it for the first time then, use a slender tampon. Most of the women use a tampon with high absorbency for the first day because of heavy flow.

Step 2

Always make sure your hands are clean while inserting into your vagina. Make sure you are maintaining proper hygiene while inserting it.

Step 3

Before inserting it you need to sit on the toilet seat or stand straight with wide open legs. In a female body, there are three openings urinal (for urine), vagina, and anus. In starting you may find it difficult but once you know where to insert and how to you will be comfortable with tampon.
Hold the tampon from the middle part where both the thick part and the thin part of the applicator meet. Hold this with your thumb and middle finger while the index finger is in direction of the string. Push it until your thumb touches the flesh.

tampon applicator

Step 4

After inserting it pull the applicator slowly outside. And yes it’s done! If your tampon is inserted properly then you don’t feel anything inside you. If you feel pain while walking, sitting, or feel uncomfortable then this is usually because you didn’t insert it into the vagina properly. Use your finger to push it in. If after this the pain is still there, remove that tampon and use another one.

Step 5

You have to change a tampon within 4-6 hr. If you sleep for more than 6 hr, you are advised not to use a tampon at night.
After your period is over don’t insert a tampon in the vagina, because it is of cotton and while removing dry tampon it may cause pressure inside and leads to pain.

Can tampons cause me to lose my virginity?

Tampons can’t lose your virginity because the hymen is not that much sensitive. It may stretch it but not break it. Don’t worry.


What if tampon got lost in me?

There is a thread attach to the tampon, you can use it to pull it out.
If by default there is no thread you can use your fingers to pull it out. If you are not able to pull it out use someone’s help. Don’t be panic your vaginal area is not that huge.

Is this feels weird while having a tampon inside you?

No, having a tampon inside you doesn’t feel anything weird. You just need to just put it in a proper way.

Does it hurt while inserting it?

No there is no pain while inserting it and you feel nothing inside you if you insert it properly.

What to do when it hurts having a tampon inside me?

If you feel pain after inserting it or any restlessness while sitting or walking, don’t panic it is because you didn’t insert it properly into the vagina use your fingers, and insert it inside properly. If after doing that it still hurts to remove that tampon and use another one.

How to dispose of a tampon?

There are two type of tampons one is flush-able and the other one is not. Some you can flush and other ones you need to wrap in paper and dispose of in the dustbin.

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